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About Ivan Sidorok
Mr Ivan Sidorok is an international entrepreneur based in Singapore

Mr Ivan Sidorok is an international entrepreneur based in Singapore, growing the family business from a regional consumer brand, to a global trading and FMCG business with over $2b annual turnover. Through a joint venture with agriculture giant Wilmar International– Wilmar Nizhny Delta, Mr Sidorok’s projects span over the EU and the CIS. A strong believer in impact enterprise and making the world a better place, Mr Sidorok’s investment strategy is focused on impact and FMCG companies that demonstrate traction and growth in a sustainable manner, on startups that have validated their ideas and in capable and promising teams.

Investments in New Areas of Growth
The Fourth Industrial Revolution changes everything. FMCG and the Food Sector are some of the fastest growing on the planet. We are changing what we consume and how we consume it. Sidorok Capital utilizes big data analysis and deep learning capabilities to assess each investment decision.
FMCG Markets are expected
to grow by 70% in 2020
4.5bn Middle class by 2025.
$50bn will be lost by corporations to niche food companies by 2020 – corporations actively looking at developing and buying out new, niche consumer brands.
New niches satisfy growing demand. High performing food and retail tech accelerators, average 70% IRR.
Using its methodology, Sidorok Capital also invests in other segments, such as space, green tech, and real estate.
The Sidorok Capital Advantage
The Sidorok Capital Advantage
  • Insights into trends and requirements of global corporations through an international executive and CEO network
  • Minimized risk through Big Data and Deep Learning validating each investment decision, providing cheaper market research and exclusive consumer insights
  • Transparent project monitoring in real time online
  • Spare capacity utilization for global production and logistics service providers
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