About Ivan Sidorok

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Mr Ivan Sidorok is an international entrepreneur based in the EU and Singapore, growing the family business from a regional consumer brand, to a global trading and FMCG business with over $2b annual turnover. Through a joint venture with agriculture giant Wilmar International–Wilmar Nizhny Delta, Mr Sidorok’s projects span over the EU and the CIS. A strong believer in impact enterprise and making the world a better place, Mr Sidorok’s investment strategy is focused on impact and FMCG companies that demonstrate traction and growth in a sustainable manner, on startups that have validated their ideas and in capable and promising teams.

Through business network insights into sectors of growth and their specifics, Sidorok Capital leverages a diverse startup and investment portfolio.

Although being an active participant in philanthropy and charity, supporting artists and sports personalities, Mr Sidorok prefers impact investment for sustainable development both in social and economical terms. As president of Enactus Russia, he provides insight and support to the Region’s aspiring future leaders, enabling them to contribute to making our planet a better place. Participation in the global debate on the Fourth Industrial Revolution within the framework of the World Economic Forum, provides strategic foresight into the direction of global industry and business and a platform to offer input on impact and sustainability issues.